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Who could benefit? Honestly, almost everybody could be a candidate.

 Let’s start with the breathing .If you are a habitual mouth breather (to be considered a nose breather you need to exclusively breathe through your nose 96% of the time) the natural resting position of the jaw,tongue and lips is altered. This change in position can influence growth patterns of the jaws and often results in the development of significant malocclusion.

By breathing most of the time through your mouth you allow arrival of cold and uncontrolled air that impacts lining mucosa and tonsils leading to inflammatory reaction and tonsillar enlargement. A myofunctional therapist can help you to determine what may be contributing to mouth breathing, refer you to the appropriate clinicians and help you to restore nasal breathing

The therapy helps to tone oral and pharyngeal muscles That improves the airway making it more resistant to collapsing due to negative pressure .For more information click HERE.

I am particularly sensitive to starting the therapy as soon as possible to prevent the issues related to OMDs.

Usually at age 4 -5 child is able to follow instructions.

The  myofunctional therapy if started early eliminates  noxious habits ,corrects tongue position and encourages nasal breathing .It addresses  the root cause of narrow arches, vertical growth ,crooked teeth.

The  goal of a myofunctional therapist collaborating with other specialists is:

  • Proper development of  the jaws and facial profile

  • Straight  teeth

  • Correction of a tongue thrust

  • Promotion of nasal breathing

  • Elimination of oral habits 

  • Proper swallowing

  • More potent airway

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